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Why do people wish to destroy vampires? Perhaps cause people do not understand the real vampires out there. Well most peoples when thinking vampires, think immortal, beautiful, powerful, creature. Or evil red eyed monster with long nails and teeth. OH PLEASE! Nope, we are NOT immortal. Most don't even know what kind and how any kinds of vampires there are. There are several different types of vampires in my book: \par A psychic vampire is a vampire that draws energy off of other living beings. They can feed from many different life forces not just humans. They connect with the life force and feed, however many Psychic Vampires also return an energy. They don't only take and steal the energy. Among Kindred, they can do a spirit meld, joining both of their energies together, totally feeding each other on a completely different level...
Psy-vampyres attach their energy force with another energy force and feed similar to drawing blood.
Blood-Neediers, those who get their energy from blood, this is not the best of vampires in their own opinion at times. Cause usually they got to find a willing donor to get blood from... And in my opinion, sharing blood is kind a special thing between two people... They are kind like the Psychic Vampire (i.e. they need energy), but these vampires get their energy from blood. And they must be careful whom they get the blood from. For there is much with bad blood out there (I.e. diseases, illness, viruses). And also must look out for the donor's safety also, making sure s/he doesn't cut a vein, tendon, etc. and also the 'equipment' is clean and sterile for the donor doesn't get a virus, disease, illness, etc. There are a lot of thinks a blood-needier must contend with to feed