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The Haters... Why do they hate us? Is it because they do not understand? Or that they are just plain ignorant? Some hate because like I stated once, they do not understand us, yet they really don't try to!
If they understood us, they would understand that we vampires have donors and don't walk up to a person and attack them! And not all vampires are blood needers. Some are psychic vampires. They don't feed off blood, well some do.
Haters hate because they do not understand the meaning of what it is to be a vampire, and if they do, maybe they are really screwed up or suffer some type of mental illness... No offense to them, just I can not see why you hunt us.
Some 'hunters' or haters may hunt us just because we are "Evil" due to their relig ion... Religion in my personal opinion can play a factor for the vampires haters in the world. Religion is both good and bad, some religious people take it too far and maybe become "vampire hunters"... Remember folks, bibles and books are just words and guidelines...
And when hunters do stalk their "prey", they hurt a person who has a family just like them, who has a job like them, who has a life just like them...
How many times must I say- Stop the Violence... Wanna see some hunters? Real vampire hunters? Then Check out the new section- Hall of the Hunters.