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The Dream... What Exactly is it? Well the dream is to stop the hate for vampires on the net, and some day offline. How can this dream be achieve you may ask? Well by informing people what vampires are, giving them a better understanding of them. Some people will always refuse to understand vampires perhaps due to religious and moral background. We can't help how people were raised, but we can make attempt to inform to the very least.

Teenagers and young adults are the future, so we have to inform them about us vampires so they, maybe, can help end the hate for us. Hate is not good, for any reason. People who hate can lose any and all sense of morals, even killing another person! So the hate has to end folks... Surfing the net and finding a message board were real vampire "hunters" post and talk about finding one, and how their friend will bring the gun to kill them is just plain sick! And some wonder why we hide what we are... I can understand how we don't tell people offline what we are; we hide what we are . Kind likes the Wiccans with their religion. \par But online we need a break, maybe to get away from the hate... A chance to talk to other vampires without fear with meeting some nut that wants to kill us! It's pretty sad if a "hunter" poses as a vampire and ta lks another real vampire into meeting him or her... The vampire could be killed, stalked, or whatever... That's not right... By any standards of morals... All we want is to left in peace... a chance to exist on the net without the hate...